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Birth Doula Package

-1-2 Prenatal Visits


-1-2 Postpartum Visits 

Prenatal Visits (1-2 hrs)

We will meet and get to know each other. We will talk about how you envision your ideal birth ceremony, how you would like to utilize me as your doula, and then we will discuss any fears or concerns you might have. This is also a good time for me to meet with your partner or anybody who will be present during the birth. Then we will draft a birth plan (or go over one if you already have one) and practice any comfort measures or laboring positions at home together. 


I will be available to you on call 24/7 for the weeks leading up to your birth. Any questions, concerns or just checking in, you are free to contact me via email or cell phone. No question is small or unimportant. You will be given my continuous emotional, physical and informational support throughout the duration of the entire labor and delivery. I will provide comfort measures tailored to your personal wants and needs, and will be available up to 2 hours following the birth to assist with breastfeeding and transition. 

Postpartum Visits (1-2 hrs)

Within two weeks of your delivery, I will visit you at home. We will go over your birth experiences together, and I will answer any questions you might have. This will also be the time that I give you any photos taken during the birth if applicable.

Birth Photography

Birth photography is a great way to preserve those special moments between you, your partner, and your baby. In addition to my birth doula services, I offer elegant black and white, complimentary birth photography to any labor and delivery with time permitting.