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The Earth Goddess mission is to empower women to feel comfortable in their own skin, but also to give back and encourage others to feel the same. As an offshoot of Earth Baby Birth Doula Services, Earth Goddess is a series of photo shoots that helps promote a sense of self-love, support, and a community for women. These photo sessions are paired with an online Etsy shop that sells handmade flower crowns, boho headbands, and jewelry to which 10% of all proceeds is donated to organizations around the world that help women in need. 

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Goddess Photo Sessions


-Photo session (1-2 hrs)

-Unlimited access to a personal gallery which contains 15-30 digital photos

-Print Release

Your goddess photo session is about YOU. Making you feel comfortable, beautiful, and empowered. At a location of your choice, we will work together to create an atmosphere that fits your unique personality and highlights your best qualities as an individual—no special occasion necessary. While typical milestones are a cause for fancy photo shoots, Earth Goddess is a reminder that each and every day is a cause for celebration. Whether it’s rocking the skin we’re in, feeling self-loved, or letting it shine for the world to see, I am here make your session special, fun, and memorable no matter what.




Earth Goddess donates 10% of all shop and photo session proceeds to organizations that help women in need.

Our first organization of outreach is Days for Girls International.

26.4 million people can’t afford menstrual products in the United States, but that number is estimated at 100 million for young people across the world. Children are missing school, dropping out, and don’t have access to the education that comes with menstrual health.

We often don’t talk about these statistics because of the stigma that follows, but menstrual health is so important and necessary when it comes to basic human need. As an international nonprofit organization, Days for Girls works to provide sustainable hygiene products and health education along with addressing other global issues.

Learn more at their website and follow their social media at @daysforgirls.